Autodesk Wins 2014 Citrix Innovation Award

Today at Citrix Synergy™, Autodesk was announced as the winner of the company’s 9th annual Innovation award, designed to recognize visionary customers who are using Citrix solutions for delivering mobile workspaces to drive business innovation and IT simplicity. Autodesk used Citrix solutions to harness virtualization technology and create a new cloud-based development environment that has resulted in a faster, lower-cost, and higher quality process.  Autodesk engineers now have access to on-demand development resources via self-service; and without the need for physical hardware, engineers are able to work from anywhere. In addition, as Autodesk accelerates the development of next-generation, cloud-based tools for design, engineering, and entertainment; engineers can work on multiple projects in parallel and easily collaborate between different locations.

Autodesk was selected as a finalist for the award after an extensive review of nominations from around the world, looking for the most transformative companies leveraging Citrix market-leading virtualization, networking and cloud services solutions to deliver state-of-the art mobile workspaces that enable business growth in a dynamic and mobile world.

“Mobility is driving an amazing transformation in the way we work,” said Steve Daheb, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Citrix.  “Autodesk – and our other finalists – exemplify how the strategic use of Citrix mobile workspace solutions is enabling our customers to work better.”

The finalists include:

  • BT Global Services: As a division of UK telecommunications operator BT Group, BT Global Services delivers a combination of communications and IT services to more than 10,000 organizations and governments worldwide. BT Cloud Compute, developed using Citrix cloud solutions, was designed to provide a single point of control via a self-service portal, enabling ‘pay-as-you-go’ cloud solutions tailored to customer-specific needs.
  • Taco, Inc.: Taco, Inc., America's leader in hydronic systems for residential and commercial building applications, is providing its workforce with anywhere, any-device access to applications, desktops and paperless content—transforming the traditional image of a manufacturing organization. Using Citrix solutions for collaboration, virtualization, mobility and networking, Taco is increasing productivity and efficiency, while creating value for customers and a competitive advantage for the company.
  • Westpac Bank Group: Westpac Bank Group, an Australian financial services company, has introduced a hosted virtual desktop solution, transforming the delivery of services to the company’s retail business by allowing employees to use their own devices for work while improving mobility and security. Using Citrix technology to replace local servers with a centralized environment, Westpac has improved customer service and reduced IT costs.

The Citrix Innovation Award seeks to inspire other Citrix customers and prospects to think differently about IT: as a key strategic component to enable business and organizational success, grow market share or compete beyond the industry norm. In judging the finalists, Citrix puts an emphasis on finding what is truly innovative and transformative about the customer’s use of Citrix solutions.